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Turpan (also known as Turfan or Tulufan, Chinese: 吐鲁番, pinyin: Tǔlǔfán, Uighur: تۇرپان) is a prefecture-level city located in the east of the autonomous region of Xinjiang, China. It has an area of 70,049 square kilometres (27,046 sq mi) and a population of 632,000 (2015).



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Recent Past of Almaty en ru 2014993.3kmsite_izi
Monuments of Almaty I en kk ru 992.9kmsite_izi
Promenade along Abay avenue en kk ru 992.9kmsite_izi
Monuments of Almaty II en kk ru 994.2kmsite_izi
Bishkek City Walking Tour en ru tr 1185.3kmsite_izi
Karakol City Walking Tour en ru 883kmsite_izi
Sports and cultural heritage en kk ru 995.3kmsite_izi
Tourist bike route en kk ru 995.3kmsite_izi
Museums of Almaty city en kk ru 993.1kmsite_izi
Historical houses en kk ru 993.8kmsite_izi
Route of the tourist center en kk ru 991.9kmsite_izi
Official audio-guide of Almaty en kk ru zh 20161000.8kmsite_izi
Route through the Architecture of Soviet Modernism II en kk ru 991.9kmsite_izi
Route through the Architecture of Soviet Modernism I en kk ru 992.7kmsite_izi
Old Alma-Ata en kk ru 994.2kmsite_izi
The Old Center of Almaty – A Mirror of the History en ru 2014993.3kmsite_izi
Petroglyphs of Tsagaan Salaa-Baga Oigor 2020712.3kmsite_ao
Tashanta 2020752.3kmsite_ao
Dungan Family Restaurant 2020891.2kmsite_ao
The Sacred Tree of Auliyeagash 2019765.6kmsite_ao
Zharkent Mosque 2019752.2kmsite_ao
Vladimir Lenin Busts and Statue 20191072.1kmsite_ao
Heicheng Ruins 2019990.2kmsite_ao
Siachen Glacier 20191314.2kmsite_ao
The World’s Highest Railway Station 20191127.3kmsite_ao
This Kazakh Bazaar Features Traditional Delights From Mare’s Milk to Sheep’s Head 2019993kmsite_ao
Statue of Panfilov’s 28 Guardsmen 2018993kmsite_ao
Mogao Caves 2018568.8kmsite_ao
Horse’s Hoof Temple 20181067.3kmsite_ao
Afaq Khoja Mausoleum 20181164.8kmsite_ao
Big Almaty Lake 2018991.5kmsite_ao
Tarim Mummies 2018161.7kmsite_ao
The Last Wild Apple Forests 2017985.6kmsite_ao
Ascension Cathedral 2018993.1kmsite_ao
Mongolia/Russia Border Crossing No. 487 20181323.2kmsite_ao
Filles Dansantes 2018928.4kmsite_ao
Ust-Kamenogorsk Lock 2018917.5kmsite_ao
Frunze Museum 20181186.2kmsite_ao
Imperial Map Monument 20181165.7kmsite_ao
Shamanistic Ovoos Surround a Mile-High Mongolian Lake 20171008.9kmsite_ao
Dungan Mosque 2018883kmsite_ao
Monument to Yuri Gagarin 2017954.3kmsite_ao
Min Kush 20181218.1kmsite_ao
Aalam Ordo 2018982.8kmsite_ao
Feynman Diagram Rock Carving 20181069.5kmsite_ao
Kojomkul Memorial 20181239.1kmsite_ao
On This Rock, Modern Graffiti Meets Ancient Writings 20171074.6kmsite_ao
Eki-Naryn Forest Swastika 20181066.4kmsite_ao
The Oldest Monastery in Mongolia 20171169.6kmsite_ao
This Mud-Brick Village Still Uses Its Ancient Irrigation System 201839.6kmsite_ao
The Flaming Cliffs of Mongolia 20181176.6kmsite_ao
Balbals of Oskemen 2018929kmsite_ao
Bishkek Circus 20181185.5kmsite_ao
Kashgar Livestock Market 20171173.1kmsite_ao
Abandoned Petroleum Distribution Center 20181179.8kmsite_ao
The Great Thangka 20181276.6kmsite_ao
Phallic Rock 20171169.8kmsite_ao
White Horse Temple (白马寺) 20181313.2kmsite_ao
Auezov Drama Theater 996kmsite_brutalism
House of the Government (today: Mayor’s Office) 1975993.8kmsite_brutalism
V. Lenin Palace of Sports (today: Kojomkul Sports Palace) 1187.1kmsite_brutalism
Toktogul Satylganov Kyrgyz National Philharmonic Hall 1187.7kmsite_brutalism
Supreme Council “Jogorku Kengesh” 1186.7kmsite_brutalism
Qinghai Hoh Xil 2017887kmsite_whs
Golden Mountains of Altai 1998870.1kmsite_whs
Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape 20041182.1kmsite_whs
Petroglyphic Complexes of the Mongolian Altai 2011712.3kmsite_whs
Petroglyphs within the Archaeological Landscape of Tamgaly 20041106.4kmsite_whs
Xinjiang Tianshan 2013732.7kmsite_whs
Mogao Caves 1987563.3kmsite_whs
Uvs Nuur Basin 2003857.6kmsite_whs



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