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Central Square is an area of Tolyatti. It is located in the Central District, directly south-southeast of Central Park, near the core of the cultural and political life of the city. It is often called the City Garden by the populace rather than Central Square.Central Square is bounded by World Peace Street on the north, Central Street on the west, and Leningrad Street on the south. To the east is mixed terrain including parkland; Central Square itself is mixed terrain, including parkland, parking lots, buildings, and monuments. The entirety, which includes large stretches of bare asphalt and random structures, does not necessarily present a pleasing aspect or sense of unified design.Within Central Square itself is the Lada Star hotel (one of the older buildings in the square), a monument to the founders of the city done in an "old Russian" style, and a statue of Saint Nicholas the Miracle Worker. There is a small chapel, the Chapel of the Nativity of Christ, erected in 2000, designed in the old style with a golden dome and stained-glass windows. There are also restaurants, trees, and walking paths. Festivals and fairs are held in Central Square.
The building where the Tolyatti City Duma (City Council) meets is directly west of Central Square, across Central Street. (This is not to be confused with Tolyatti City Hall, the administrative center, which is three-quarters of a mile (1.2.





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