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Szeged ( SEG-ed, Hungarian: [ˈsɛɡɛd] ; see also other alternative names) is the third largest city of Hungary, the largest city and regional centre of the Southern Great Plain and the county seat of Csongrád-Csanád county. The University of Szeged is one of the most distinguished universities in Hungary.
The Szeged Open Air (Theatre) Festival (first held in 1931) is one of the main attractions, held every summer and celebrated as the Day of the City on 21 May.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
The Drunk Clock of Petrovaradin Fortress 2021113.2kmsite_ao
Muzejska zbirka starovremenskih motocikala (Motorcycle Museum in Pančevo) 2021157.9kmsite_ao
Muzej Žeravica 202159.6kmsite_ao
Pačir Geothermal Spa 202067.4kmsite_ao
Auto Škola Euro Start 202098.9kmsite_ao
Little Nemecsek Statue 2021158.7kmsite_ao
Vespa Muzej Srbija (Vespa Museum Serbia) 2020164.1kmsite_ao
Museum of Yugoslavia 2020164.7kmsite_ao
Adria Palace 2020161.2kmsite_ao
Ada Stonehenge 2020164.3kmsite_ao
Ečka Kula 2020105.8kmsite_ao
Bob Marley Monument 2020131.8kmsite_ao
Mangulica & Pulin Statue 2020148.8kmsite_ao
Discovering ottoman cultural heritage-Belgrade en sr 161.1kmsite_izi
‘Tamiški Kralj’ (‘King of Tamis’) 2020108.8kmsite_ao
Pinova Vila 202098.5kmsite_ao
Serbia’s Rocky Statue 202091.3kmsite_ao
Spitzer Castle 2020121.2kmsite_ao
Timișoara, Romania. Test tour en 99.7kmsite_izi
Szeged sightseeing en hu 1kmsite_izi
Sightseeing train – Pécs en hu 148.7kmsite_izi
Budapest – Inner City Pest walk with Tim Richards en 2013160.9kmsite_izi
Budapest – out along Andrassy Avenue en 2013161.4kmsite_izi
Budapest – history walk of Buda with Tim Richards en 2013162.8kmsite_izi
Budapest in 1 day en ru uk 161.9kmsite_izi
Free Budapest audio tour from MP3 City Guides en 161.9kmsite_izi
I’m Every Lesbian – Belgrade en sr 161.5kmsite_izi
Rainy Belgrade en 161.3kmsite_izi
Belgrade Central Area en 160.9kmsite_izi
Central Café and Restaurant 1887 2020160.5kmsite_ao
Most Na Suvom 202098.7kmsite_ao
Muzej Šibica 2020118.2kmsite_ao
Raichle’s Palace 202040.1kmsite_ao
Gavez Klub 2020163.9kmsite_ao
Bač Fortress 2019119.3kmsite_ao
‘Catacombs’ of Petrovaradin Fortress 2019113.3kmsite_ao
Dominican Convent 2019164.3kmsite_ao
Koller Gallery 2019162.6kmsite_ao
Kerepesi Cemetery 2019159.9kmsite_ao
Szimpla Kert 2019160.8kmsite_ao
Magyar Rádió 2019160.3kmsite_ao
Bullet Hole Markers at the Ministry of Agriculture Building 2019162.3kmsite_ao
Black Horses at Play 2018162.3kmsite_ao
The Beautiful Harangház Bell House in Hungary 2017163.9kmsite_ao
Budapest’s Abandoned Train Graveyard 2017164.2kmsite_ao
Budapest’s Zero Kilometer Stone 2018161.8kmsite_ao
Stratište Memorial Complex 2017152.2kmsite_ao
Museum of the Communist Consumer 2017101kmsite_ao
The Red Fiat 2017136.2kmsite_ao
Man Falling Into Death 2017162.4kmsite_ao
Abandoned Dudik Memorial in Croatia 2017134.6kmsite_ao
Belgrade Aviation Museum 2016159.8kmsite_ao
Belle Époque Artist Colony Garden in Budapest 2017162kmsite_ao
Budapest Telephone Museum 2017162.6kmsite_ao
Budapest Castle Hill Funicular 2016161.8kmsite_ao
A Béla Lugosi Bust Was Snuck Onto the Facade of This Budapest Castle 2017161.7kmsite_ao
Cinkota Old Cemetery 2018157.3kmsite_ao
District Court 148.3kmsite_brutalism
Belgrade Fair, Hall No. 4 163.7kmsite_brutalism
Apartment Complex Sime Igumanova 2–4 164.5kmsite_brutalism
BKK Transport Dispatchment Center “Futár” 160kmsite_brutalism
Hotel Complex Some? / Mure? / Unirea 162.8kmsite_brutalism
German Embassy 163.2kmsite_brutalism
Building III, Federal Executive Council 160.5kmsite_brutalism
Office Building SACEN 115.2kmsite_brutalism
Palace of Justice (Palata pravde) 162.8kmsite_brutalism
Casa de Mode 100.5kmsite_brutalism
Residence of the Embassy of Iran 165.5kmsite_brutalism
Elektroslavonija Headquarters 134.2kmsite_brutalism
Institute of Urban Planning 1967161.8kmsite_brutalism
Apartment Building 161.5kmsite_brutalism
Center for Culture and Sport “Šumice” 1973165.5kmsite_brutalism
Municipal Assembly 160.4kmsite_brutalism
Western City Gate (Genex Tower) 1977160.6kmsite_brutalism
Residential Building “Toblerone” 162.1kmsite_brutalism
Hotel Tamis 158.2kmsite_brutalism
Terrace Houses 161.4kmsite_brutalism
Residential Blocks 61–64 162.1kmsite_brutalism
All Saints Parish Church (Farkasréti Mindenszentek Plébániatemplom) 1975161.8kmsite_brutalism
Block 23 162.3kmsite_brutalism
Pionir Hall (today: Aleksandar Nikoli? Hall) 1972162.1kmsite_brutalism
Elektrovojvodina 114.3kmsite_brutalism
Early Christian Necropolis of Pécs (Sopianae) 2000148.7kmsite_whs
Budapest, including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue 1987159.1kmsite_whs
Budapest: Heaven in Hungary 2019161.8kmpost

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