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Santo André

Santo André (Portuguese pronunciation: [sɐ̃twɐ̃ˈdɾɛ], Saint Andrew) is a Brazilian municipality located in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo. It is part of a group of municipalities known as Greater ABCD Region. According to the most recent census, the population is estimated at 721,368 (2020 est.) in an area of 175.8 km². or about 43,441 Acres of landmass.
It is the 15th most developed Brazilian city, and the eighth most developed city in the State of São Paulo, according to the UN. The city is also known to be the fifth best city in the country to raise children on the grounds of public and private education and health care.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Crypt of the São Paulo Cathedral 201717.3kmsite_ao
São Paulo Guide de en fr nl pt 18.5kmsite_izi
Walter Galera Garden 202017.9kmsite_ao
Cemitério da Consolação 201918.7kmsite_ao
Immigration Museum of São Paulo 201916.4kmsite_ao
‘Imprensa’ Mural 201918.1kmsite_ao
The São Paulo Museum of Art 201917.8kmsite_ao
Parque Trianon 201917.9kmsite_ao
Jardim Botânico de São Paulo 20189.8kmsite_ao
Monumento Mãe Preta 201818.3kmsite_ao
Museu Afro Brasil 201816.4kmsite_ao
Caos Bar & Antiguidades 201518.4kmsite_ao
Former World’s Tallest Lego Tower 201117.8kmsite_ao
São Paulo Pedestrian Signal Lights 201516.7kmsite_ao
Castelinho da Rua Apa 201619.9kmsite_ao
Casa de Pedra 201119.9kmsite_ao
Beco do Batman 201520.4kmsite_ao
Livraria da Vila 201318.6kmsite_ao
‘The Indian and the Anteater’ Sculpture 201820kmsite_ao
Museum of Japanese Immigration in Brazil 201816.5kmsite_ao
Crypt of the São Paulo Cathedral 201717.3kmsite_ao
La Madone de São Paulo 201818.1kmsite_ao
Sé Station Mural 201817.3kmsite_ao
São Paulo’s Oldest Magic Shop 201819.1kmsite_ao
Puppet Cabinet at Monteiro Lobato Library 201818.8kmsite_ao
Museu da Tatuagem de São Paulo 201818.4kmsite_ao
Inmate Artwork at a Brazilian Penitentiary Museum 201820.7kmsite_ao
São Paulo’s Giant Boat-Shaped Hotel 201717.1kmsite_ao
Vila Maria Zélia 201717.4kmsite_ao
Sa?o Paulo Museum of Art 195717.8kmsite_brutalism
Jardim Ipê School (today Escola Estadual Professor Euclydes Deslandes) 7.9kmsite_brutalism
Casa Waldo Perseu 20.7kmsite_brutalism
Church and parish center São Bonifácio (Igreja São Bonifácio) 15.2kmsite_brutalism
FIESP Headquarters 17.6kmsite_brutalism
Museu Brasileiro de Escultura (MuBE) 198718.5kmsite_brutalism
Tribunal de Contas 14.8kmsite_brutalism
Santapaula Yacht Club Nautical Pavilion (Garagem de Barcos do Clube Santapaula) 196118.3kmsite_brutalism
In Praise of Small Architecture 201917.8kmpost
An immersive art installation lets you see, smell and feel the toxic fog of polluted cities 201917.8kmpost

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