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Place Saint Levan

Porthcurno is a small village covering a small valley and beach on the south coast of Cornwall, England in the United Kingdom. It is the main settlement in a civil and an ecclesiastical parish, both named St Levan, which comprise Porthcurno, diminutive St Levan itself, Trethewey and Treen.
It is centred 6.6 miles west of the railway, market and resort town of Penzance and 2.5 miles from Land’s End, the most westerly point of the English mainland. Road access is via the north end of the valley along a long cul-de-sac with short branches off the B3283 and land traditionally associated with the village, including its beach, is on the South West Coast Path.

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Atlas Obscura 2017
Goonhilly Earth Station

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Madron Well

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Rocky Valley Labyrinths

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England’s First Domestic Tea Plantation

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Carn Brea Castle

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Gwennap Pit Natural Amphitheater

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Mermaid Chair

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Roche Rock Hermitage

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The Old Quay, Newlyn

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Tintagel Post Office

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Merlin’s Cave

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Lanyon Quoit

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Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft & Magic

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Knill’s Steeple

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Tregonning Hill Aircraft Crash Site

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World Heritage Site 2006
Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape

Much of the landscape of Cornwall and West Devon was transformed in the 18th and early 19th centuries as a result of the rapid growth of pioneering copper and tin mining. Its deep underground mines, engine houses, foundries, new towns, smallholdings, po…

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Mên-an-Tol (Circle Stone)

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St. Mawes Castle

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Atlas Obscura 2017
The Merry Maidens

Discover The Merry Maidens in Cornwall, England: Perhaps the only prehistoric monument with its very own public bus stop.