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Reims ( REEMZ, US also , French: [ʁɛ̃s] , German: [ʁaɪ̯ms]; also spelled Rheims in English) is the most populous city in the department of Marne. Its population in 2013 was 182,592 in the city proper and 317,611 in the surrounding metropolitan area, making Reims the most populated sub-prefecture in France. The city lies 129 km (80 mi) east-northeast of Paris. Its primary river, the Vesle, is a tributary of the Aisne.
Founded by the Gauls, Reims became a major city during the period of the Roman Empire. Reims later played a prominent ceremonial role in French monarchical history as the traditional site of the coronation of the kings of France. The royal anointing was performed at the Cathedral of Reims, which housed the Holy Ampulla of chrism allegedly brought by a white dove at the baptism of Frankish king Clovis I in 496. For this reason, Reims is often referred to in French as la cité des sacres ("the Coronation City").
Having joined the national network of "Cities and Countries of Art and History" since 1987, Reims is recognized for the diversity of its heritage, ranging from Romanesque to Art-déco, and the significance of its sites recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage. Since 1991, the emblematic buildings of Reims (Notre-Dame Cathedral, Tau Palace, former Saint-Remi Abbey) have been listed as World Heritage sites.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Visite d’Iré-le-Sec de en fr lb nl 2018101.1kmsite_izi
Promenade des Petits Ponts 2020157.9kmsite_ao
Le Mort Homme (Dead Man’s Hill) 202088.6kmsite_ao
Belfry of Tournai 2020156.7kmsite_ao
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Jim Morrison`s Paris en ru 131.6kmsite_izi
Visite de Thonne-le-Thil de en fr lb nl 2018101.5kmsite_izi
Visit of Chauvency-Saint-Hubert de en fr lb nl 201896.5kmsite_izi
Visite de Remoiville de en fr lb nl 201898.4kmsite_izi
Visite de Thonne-la-Long de en fr lb nl 2018106.3kmsite_izi
Disneyland Paris en fr 100.9kmsite_izi
Visite du Collège Jules Ferry (57140) ar bo de en es fa fr hi it ka pt sq sr 155.8kmsite_izi
Pontoise de en fr 142.4kmsite_izi
Tournai Cathedral de en es fr nl 2020156.9kmsite_izi
Minquiers Toilet 2020142.4kmsite_ao
Ville de Versailles en es fr 147.8kmsite_izi
Visite de Thonnelle de en fr lb nl 2018101.7kmsite_izi
Visit of Bazeilles-sur-Othain de en fr lb nl 2018104.6kmsite_izi
Visit of Juvigny sur Loison de en fr lb nl 201897.5kmsite_izi
Visit of Verneuil-Grand de en fr lb nl 2018104.6kmsite_izi
Visit of the lower town of Montmédy de en fr lb nl 2018101.1kmsite_izi
Visit of Thonne-les-Près de en fr lb nl 2018100.1kmsite_izi
Visit of Jametz de en fr lb nl 201899.6kmsite_izi
Visit of Velosnes de en fr lb nl 2018106.8kmsite_izi
Visit of Quincy-Landzécourt de en fr lb nl 201895.3kmsite_izi
Visit of Verneuil-Petit en fr lb nl 2018105kmsite_izi
Visit of Villécloye de en fr lb nl 2018102.7kmsite_izi
Visit of Louppy-sur-Loison de en fr lb nl 201897.8kmsite_izi
Visit of Breux de en fr lb nl 2018104.3kmsite_izi
Visit of Avioth de en fr lb nl 2018104.2kmsite_izi
Visit of Marville de en fr lb nl 2018105.6kmsite_izi
Visit of the citadel of Montmédy de en fr lb nl 2018100.5kmsite_izi
Remembrance Tour Grandmenil-Manhay en fr nl 163.8kmsite_izi
Paris – Canals of the north en fr 127.6kmsite_izi
Sentier du Marais de Péronne en Mélantois en fr nl zh 158.2kmsite_izi
Beauraing en fr nl 115.8kmsite_izi
The Sambre and Meuse bike tour en fr nl 147.2kmsite_izi
Celles, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonie en fr nl 128.7kmsite_izi
CCW Circuit Dinant en fr nl 128.1kmsite_izi
Discovery tour: the city center en fr nl 147.2kmsite_izi
Houplin Ancoisne en fr nl zh 162.6kmsite_izi
Discovering Nivelles en fr nl 150.2kmsite_izi
Bouvines en fr nl zh 158.8kmsite_izi
Gruson en fr nl zh 160.1kmsite_izi
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Emmerin en fr nl zh 165.7kmsite_izi
Phalempin circuit en fr 155.4kmsite_izi
Saint Piat Road – Seclin (France) to Tournai (Belgium) en fr nl zh 160.6kmsite_izi
Walk around Louvain-la-Neuve en fr nl 162.4kmsite_izi
Ottignies & Louvain-la-Neuve en 2018160.6kmsite_izi
Waterloo 1815 – In the footsteps of the battle en fr nl 160.3kmsite_izi
Walhain through the fields en fr nl 158.4kmsite_izi
Paris with Tim Richards – the most iconic places. Travelbook en 2013127.3kmsite_izi
Paris with Tim Richards – Notre Dame to Eiffel Tower along the river Seine en 2013130.6kmsite_izi
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Vincennes : Street Art tour en fr 125.1kmsite_izi
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Urbirun Paris – From Place de l’Etoile to Bastille en fr 133.5kmsite_izi
Paris before and after Baron Haussmann de en es it 130.7kmsite_izi
The Main Mystery of the Louvre or Scientific Art. Vol 1 en fr it ru 131.3kmsite_izi
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Au Roi de la Bière 2020131.4kmsite_ao
Gold 20-stater of Eucratides I 2020130.3kmsite_ao
The Bouquinistes of Paris 2020130.8kmsite_ao
Luxembourg en 2014157kmsite_izi
Luxembourg City during World War 1 de en fr 157.4kmsite_izi
UNESCO Bike Tour de en fr lb nl 156.6kmsite_izi
UNESCO Promenade de en fr lb nl 156.6kmsite_izi
Walk in the footsteps of migration in Luxembourg City de en fr 156.7kmsite_izi
The Medieval City of Luxembourg de en fr 157.2kmsite_izi
UNESCO Tour for All de en fr lb nl pt 156.6kmsite_izi
Roger La Grenouille 2020131.2kmsite_ao
‘Tower’ 2020133.2kmsite_ao
Belval Blast Furnaces 2020141.5kmsite_ao
The Grande Lunette 2020140.6kmsite_ao
L’Oisivethé 2019131.5kmsite_ao
Notre-Dame-de-Lorette 2019130.2kmsite_ao
Hergé Museum 2019162.5kmsite_ao
L’Atelier des Lumières (Workshop of Light) 2019128.1kmsite_ao
Jardin Alpin (Alpine Garden) 2019130.3kmsite_ao
Temple de la Sybille (The Temple of Sybille) 2019127.2kmsite_ao
Le Roy Lire 201994.6kmsite_ao
‘Young Elephant Caught in a Trap’ 2019131.9kmsite_ao
Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche 2019130.8kmsite_ao
Execution Site of Jacques de Molay 2019131kmsite_ao
El Clan Destino 2019127.3kmsite_ao
The Bears of Gobelins 2019131.1kmsite_ao
Gobelins Tapestry Factory 2019131.1kmsite_ao
Paris Space Invaders 2019130.9kmsite_ao
Canadian National Vimy Memorial 2019153.9kmsite_ao
Paris Catacombs Golem 2019132.3kmsite_ao
Frieze of Lions 2019146.6kmsite_ao
Grave of Philibert Aspairt 2019131.8kmsite_ao
Parc des Félins 201999.5kmsite_ao
Georges Méliès’s Grave 2019127.4kmsite_ao
Musée du quai Branly (Quai Branly Museum) 2019133.8kmsite_ao
Rungis International Market 2019133.8kmsite_ao
Statue Le Rhinoceros 2019132kmsite_ao
Gnomon of Saint-Sulpice 2019131.7kmsite_ao
There’s a Very Bored-Looking Demon Perched Atop the Notre-Dame de Paris 2019130.6kmsite_ao
At This Bed and Breakfast, You Can Stay Inside a Motorized Trojan Horse 2019163.5kmsite_ao
Joan of Arc Statue 20190.5kmsite_ao
Amiens Cathedral Labyrinth 2019143.4kmsite_ao
The Venus of Brassempouy 2018146.6kmsite_ao
LaBeL RéCuP’ 2018128.6kmsite_ao
‘Les Spécialistes’ Fake Door 2017129.7kmsite_ao
The Charles de Gaulle Saxophone Bridge 2018128kmsite_ao
Abandoned Eurostar Train 2018129.4kmsite_ao
Les Sables du Cul du Chien 2018147.8kmsite_ao
Edith Piaf Museum in Paris 2017127.9kmsite_ao
The Paris Church with an Industrial Interior 2018133.5kmsite_ao
Paris’ Lost Medieval Cemetery of Innocents 2018130.5kmsite_ao
A 141-Foot Wave of Crashing Lumber Guards the Grand Place in Mons 2017133.3kmsite_ao
Le Grand K 2018140.4kmsite_ao
Harry’s New York Bar 2016131.2kmsite_ao
Ouvrage La Ferté 201894.2kmsite_ao
Sculptures de Décure 2017132.5kmsite_ao
The Parisian Zoo That Fed Exotic Wild Animals to the Bourgeois 2017135.6kmsite_ao
Le Chat Noir Collection 2018129.9kmsite_ao
Ruined Church of Ablain-Saint-Nazaire 2017157.4kmsite_ao
A Parisian Boutique for Congolese Sapeurs 2017129.1kmsite_ao
The Louvre’s Sculpture Casting Atelier 2018127.5kmsite_ao
Pep’s Maison 2018129.9kmsite_ao
Secret WWII Bunker Under a Busy Paris Railway Station 2017129kmsite_ao
Rue Crémieux 2018129.4kmsite_ao
A Fake Building In Paris 2018129.1kmsite_ao
A Hidden Subterranean Street Art Gallery in Paris 2017133.8kmsite_ao
Lines of Cremains at Père Lachaise Cemetery 2017127.5kmsite_ao
This Professional Clown’s Home Is an Outsider Art Wonderland 201794.2kmsite_ao
Explore One of Belgium’s Oldest Hospitals 2018162.4kmsite_ao
Louis XIV’s Globes 2016129.5kmsite_ao
France’s Forbidden ‘Red Zone’ 2018102.1kmsite_ao
This Paris Fountain Is Not What it Seems 2017127kmsite_ao
Jean Cocteau’s Stained Glass Windows 2017157.2kmsite_ao
Beware of Words 2017127.6kmsite_ao
Bavay Ancient Forum 2018117kmsite_ao
The Smallest, Oldest Cemetery in Paris 2017129.9kmsite_ao
Treaty of Paris Plaque 2018131.7kmsite_ao
Basilique Notre-Dame-des-Victoires 2016130.7kmsite_ao
Four Peeing Hounds Guard This French Fountain 2017136.3kmsite_ao
Romagne 14-18 201776.7kmsite_ao
The Phantom of the Opera’s Lair 2017131.1kmsite_ao
Napoleon’s Angels 2017133kmsite_ao
Bock Casemates 2016157.2kmsite_ao
Grave of Antoine-Augustin Parmentier 2018127.5kmsite_ao
Residential House 155.9kmsite_brutalism
Sports Center 137.6kmsite_brutalism
Centre Marcel Noppeney 137.8kmsite_brutalism
Eglise Saint Willibrord 139.9kmsite_brutalism
Eglise du Saint-Esprit 1976158.9kmsite_brutalism
European Bank of Investment 157.5kmsite_brutalism
Eglise Sainte Jeanne d’Arc 196398kmsite_brutalism
Chapelle St. Eloi 150.5kmsite_brutalism
Pavillon Suisse 1931132.5kmsite_brutalism
Maison Jaoul 1951136.2kmsite_brutalism
Centre Commercial de Tinqueux 3.8kmsite_brutalism
Centre Commercial de Sens 130.6kmsite_brutalism
Residential Home 1952156.3kmsite_brutalism
Usine et Centre de Recherche Thomson-Houston (later: Thales) 142.5kmsite_brutalism
Logements de Fonction EDF 128.4kmsite_brutalism
Palais de Justice Créteil 127.3kmsite_brutalism
Immeuble Vision 80 136.3kmsite_brutalism
Australian Embassy 134.5kmsite_brutalism
Conference Center UNESCO 133.8kmsite_brutalism
Damiers de Dauphiné 135.9kmsite_brutalism
Centre Administratif (today: Centre National de Danse) 125.4kmsite_brutalism
Triangle Housing 129.9kmsite_brutalism
Centre Commercial de Ris-Orangis 136kmsite_brutalism
Musée de la Préhistoire d’Ile de France 1976147.1kmsite_brutalism
Musée Royal de Mariemont 135.3kmsite_brutalism
Library, Université Catholique de Louvain 162.3kmsite_brutalism
Église Saint André 122.3kmsite_brutalism
Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars 201521kmsite_whs
City of Luxembourg: its Old Quarters and Fortifications 1994156.9kmsite_whs
Amiens Cathedral 1981143.4kmsite_whs
Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin 2012138.3kmsite_whs
Palace and Park of Versailles 1979148.2kmsite_whs
Provins, Town of Medieval Fairs 200194.4kmsite_whs
Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Former Abbey of Saint-Rémi and Palace of Tau, Reims 19910.6kmsite_whs
Paris, Banks of the Seine 1991134.2kmsite_whs
Palace and Park of Fontainebleau 1981136.4kmsite_whs
Major Mining Sites of Wallonia 2012131.6kmsite_whs
Neolithic Flint Mines at Spiennes (Mons) 2000130.4kmsite_whs
Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai 2000156.8kmsite_whs
The Four Lifts on the Canal du Centre and their Environs, La Louvière and Le Roeulx (Hainaut) 1998136.2kmsite_whs
Belfries of Belgium and France 1999117kmsite_whs
The joy of French, in a dozen maps 2020131.3kmpost
10 of the best things to see and do in Batignolles, Paris 2019131.7kmpost
Paris Has Opened Its First Green Cemetery 2019129.7kmpost
The Lost Floating Pools of Paris 2019129.5kmpost
Funorama: Bouncy Rainbow Net Suspended Above a Paris Shopping Center 2019131kmpost
The heritage of Notre Dame – less European than people think 2019130.6kmpost

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