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Penedo is a district in the Itatiaia municipality, located in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro state, in Brazil. It is the first Finnish colony in Brazil, and some Finnish influence can still be noticed in some houses, and commercial buildings, as well as in the local culture.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading 2014147.3kmsite_ao
Environment and Society in Paraty en 89.1kmsite_izi
Rio de Janeiro de en fr nl pt 148kmsite_izi
Dedo de Deus 2019162.5kmsite_ao
Terra Encantada (Enchanted Land) 2012133.9kmsite_ao
Hidden Madonna Altar 2015134.5kmsite_ao
Bangu Statue of Liberty 2015115.7kmsite_ao
Ubatuba Whale 2016125.1kmsite_ao
Ilha Fiscal 2016148.4kmsite_ao
Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences 2014143kmsite_ao
Anchieta Island Correctional Institute 2014134.4kmsite_ao
Cidade Albanoel 201483.7kmsite_ao
Cemitério São João Batista 2015148.8kmsite_ao
Niterói Contemporary Art Museum 2012152.8kmsite_ao
Escadaria Selarón Mosaic Steps 2011147.9kmsite_ao
Nave Espacial de Varginha 2014135.9kmsite_ao
Rio de Janeiro Cathedral 2016147.6kmsite_ao
Parque Lage 2010146.6kmsite_ao
Largo do Boticário 2010146.8kmsite_ao
The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading 2014147.3kmsite_ao
This Stunning Library Is the Largest in Latin America 2018148.1kmsite_ao
Images of the Unconscious Museum 2018135.7kmsite_ao
Masonic Symbols of Paraty 201788.8kmsite_ao
A Former Finnish Utopia in Eastern Brazil 20170.1kmsite_ao
Zeppelin Hangar at Santa Cruz Air Force Base 201699.4kmsite_ao
Largest Street Art Mural in the World 2017146.4kmsite_ao
Museum of Modern Art 1953148.6kmsite_brutalism
Paraty and Ilha Grande – Culture and Biodiversity 201966.5kmsite_whs
Valongo Wharf Archaeological Site 2017146.4kmsite_whs
Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea 2012138.6kmsite_whs
Rio Really is a Marvelous City. Are we Taking That for Granted? | The Rio Times 2019147.3kmpost

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