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Pennsylvania Station (also known as Newark Penn Station) is an intermodal passenger station in Newark, New Jersey. One of the New York metropolitan area's major transportation hubs, Newark Penn Station is served by multiple rail and bus carriers, making it the seventh-busiest rail station in United States, and the fourth-busiest in the New York area. Located at Raymond Plaza, between Market Street and Raymond Boulevard, it is served by the Newark Light Rail, three NJ Transit commuter rail lines, the PATH rapid transit system, and all 11 of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor services (including the Acela Express). The station is also Newark's main intercity bus terminal; it is served by carriers Greyhound, Bolt, and Fullington Trailways. Additionally, it is served by 33 local and regional bus lines operated by NJ Transit Bus Operations and Coach USA (Orange-Newark-Elizabeth).



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African Elephants Diorama 201917.5kmsite_ao
Dvořák Room 201918.6kmsite_ao
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Sambar and Wild Dog Diorama 201917.5kmsite_ao
Booze History Museum 201917.6kmsite_ao
Albemarle-Kenmore Terraces 201920.4kmsite_ao
Bluestockings Bookstore 201915.5kmsite_ao
American Museum of Natural History Mountain Gorilla Diorama 201917.5kmsite_ao
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Septuagesimo Uno: A Hidden Pocket Park on the Upper West Side 201716.5kmsite_ao
WPA Murals of the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House 201713.8kmsite_ao
The Cross at Ground Zero 201813.7kmsite_ao
A Treasure Trove of Musical History Is Tucked Away Inside Carnegie Hall 201716.5kmsite_ao
The Real Winnie the Pooh & Pals 201716.1kmsite_ao
Daredevil Tattoo Museum 201815.5kmsite_ao
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Where The Wild Things Heal 201717.9kmsite_ao
Brooklyn Brewery’s Secret Beer Bunker 201716.9kmsite_ao
Water Tower 201716.7kmsite_ao
Statue of Liberty’s Original Torch 201711.7kmsite_ao
The Curved Shrine of the First American-Born Saint 201713.9kmsite_ao
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Manhattan’s Hidden Historic Coal Hole Covers 201714.1kmsite_ao
The Graybar Rats Near Grand Central Terminal 201716.7kmsite_ao
Grave of the Unknown Woman 201816.3kmsite_ao
The Hidden ‘Fliers and Explorers’ Globe Is Incredible 201816kmsite_ao
Steinberg Sculpture Garden 201819kmsite_ao
The Hidden Art Deco Tunnel Underneath the New Yorker Hotel 201715.2kmsite_ao
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Survivor Tree 201813.7kmsite_ao
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The Last Remnant of the New York Produce Exchange 201713.9kmsite_ao
The Welling Court Mural Project 201820.7kmsite_ao
The Marriage of Money and Real Estate 201719.4kmsite_ao
The ‘Holy Grail’ of the Met 201818.3kmsite_ao
Lesbian Herstory Archives 201718.2kmsite_ao
The Creator of Madeline Painted the Walls of This Art Deco Piano Bar 201718.2kmsite_ao
Portrait of an Unidentified Woman 201817.4kmsite_ao
Crown Heights Cheese Caves 201719.3kmsite_ao
Kingsland Wildflowers 201719.3kmsite_ao
A World War II Submarine Stuck in the Mud in New Jersey 201719.5kmsite_ao
NYC’s First Modernist Residence. 201717.1kmsite_ao
7000 Oaks 201714.1kmsite_ao
Site of the First Traffic Accident 201817.3kmsite_ao
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Saint Vartan Armenian Cathedral 201816.6kmsite_ao
This Lavish Room Is a Rare Relic of New York’s Gilded Age 201818.2kmsite_ao
NYC Barber Museum 201817kmsite_ao
Abolitionist Place in Brooklyn 201716.6kmsite_ao
Edward Mooney House 201814.9kmsite_ao
The World’s Largest Collection of Tiffany Glass 201818.4kmsite_ao
The Manhattan Eruv 201720.4kmsite_ao
The Double Check Businessman 201713.9kmsite_ao
Infinity Climber 201710.4kmsite_ao
This Staten Island Restaurant Serves a Different Grandma’s Cooking Every Night 201713.1kmsite_ao
Nathan Hale Hanging Site 201817.9kmsite_ao
Waldorf Astoria Archives 201816.9kmsite_ao
South Mountain Fairy Trail 201711.2kmsite_ao
New York City’s Hidden Taxidermy Studio 201819.6kmsite_ao
A Punk Video Game Arcade Gallery in Chelsea 201714.6kmsite_ao
Remnants of Colonial New York Preserved Under a Glass Sidewalk 201714.1kmsite_ao
Grave of John Matthews: The Soda Fountain King 201617.2kmsite_ao
Amiable Child Monument 201819.8kmsite_ao
Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding 1994 Museum 201720.2kmsite_ao
The Manhattan Hotel That Housed the Surviving Crew Members of the Titanic 201713.7kmsite_ao
Materials for the Arts 201820.4kmsite_ao
Tomb of Secrets at Green-Wood Cemetery 201717.3kmsite_ao
The Cartoon Wall at Overlook 201817kmsite_ao
REI’s Wall of Litho Stones 201715kmsite_ao
Second Avenue Subway Art 201719.6kmsite_ao
New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden 201711.9kmsite_ao
A Map of All the Broadway Theaters Is Embedded In a Traffic Island in Times Square 201716kmsite_ao
The Ziegfeld Head 201718.4kmsite_ao
A Brick-and-Mortar Matchmaking Club 201715.9kmsite_ao
Houston Bowery Art Wall 201715.1kmsite_ao
28th Precinct NYC Police Department 20.2kmsite_brutalism
Exodus House 20.2kmsite_brutalism
68th Precinct, NYC Police Department 16.6kmsite_brutalism
Lincoln Square Synagogue 16.6kmsite_brutalism
23rd Precinct, NYC Police Department / Engine Company No. 53, Ladder Company No. 43, 4th Division, NYC Fire Department 19.9kmsite_brutalism
Chatham Towers 195914.7kmsite_brutalism
Whitney Museum of Art (today The Met Breuer) 18kmsite_brutalism
Weiss Research Building 18.4kmsite_brutalism
Civic Center Synagogue 14.3kmsite_brutalism
Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers 14.6kmsite_brutalism
Roosevelt Island “Northtown” 19kmsite_brutalism
AT&T Longlines Building (33 Thomas Street) 14.2kmsite_brutalism
Statue of Liberty 198411.9kmsite_whs
Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant’s Pioneering Photographs of New York City’s 1970s and 80s Graffiti Scene 201914.2kmpost
The Visionary Modernist Gardens of Roberto Burle Marx 201914.2kmpost
A New Photo Book Documents the Wonderful Homemade Cat Ladders of Switzerland 201914.2kmpost
The Streets of New York City – 1977-1978 201918.2kmpost
On The Streets of New York City – 1977-1978 201918.9kmpost
Street Art for Book Lovers: Dutch Artists Paint Massive Bookcase Mural on the Side of a Building 201914.2kmpost

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