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La Plata

Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkluβ ðe ximˈnasja i ezˈɣɾima la ˈplata]; La Plata Gymnastics and Fencing Club), also known simply as Gimnasia, is a professional Argentine sports club based in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires Province. Founded in 1887 as "Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima", the club is mostly known for its football team, which currently plays in Primera División, the first division of the Argentine football league system. The club was most famously managed by football legend Diego Maradona from 2019 until his death in November 2020.
Apart from football, CGE also hosts a large number of sports such as athletics, basketball, boxing, chess, fencing, futsal, artistic gymnastics, field hockey, martial arts (aikido, karate, kendo, taekwondo), swimming, roller skating, tennis, volleyball, and weightlifting.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Monuments in action: constructions of a collective memory en es 51.7kmsite_izi
Ricardo Rojas House Museum 201855kmsite_ao
The House of Ernesto Sábato 201864kmsite_ao
Villa Ocampo 201872.9kmsite_ao
Sarmiento House 201882.6kmsite_ao
Casa Redonda 201856kmsite_ao
Mausoleum of José de San Martín 201851.7kmsite_ao
Pasaje Lanín 201849.8kmsite_ao
Fuente de las Nereidas 201850kmsite_ao
Original Tomb of Tomás Guido 201854.5kmsite_ao
Mafalda Monument 201851kmsite_ao
La Casa Mínima 201851kmsite_ao
Villa Freud in Buenos Aires 201756.1kmsite_ao
The Elaborate Mausoleums of Argentina’s Tango Stars 201759.1kmsite_ao
Brazilian Embassy 53.6kmsite_brutalism
Torre Dorrego 196858.3kmsite_brutalism
Guido di Tella Residence 196859.7kmsite_brutalism
Uruguayan Embassy (today: Faculty of Medicine) 54.4kmsite_brutalism
Temple and Niches, Chacarita Cemetery (Cementerio Chacarita) 59kmsite_brutalism
Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno 55.2kmsite_brutalism
Automóvil Club Argentino 54.4kmsite_brutalism
Banco de Londres y América del Sud (Bank of London and South America) (today Banco Hipotecario) 195951.8kmsite_brutalism
Historic Quarter of the City of Colonia del Sacramento 199551.2kmsite_whs
The iconic Buenos Aires art form that almost disappeared 202051.6kmpost
The Sisters Who Photographed the Stars of Buenos Aires Nightlife 201951.6kmpost

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