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Kirkland Lake

Kirkland Lake District Composite School (commonly known as KLDCS), is a public elementary and secondary school located in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 2006 to replace the building that housed both Kirkland Lake Collegiate and Vocational Institute and École secondaire catholique Jean Vanier.



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Ely S. Parker’s Grave 2020588.4kmsite_ao
Fayette Historic Townsite 2020571.7kmsite_ao
Giant Toonie 2020460.5kmsite_ao
World’s Largest Cherry Pie Tin 2020572.2kmsite_ao
Visit the ‘Home of the Carrousel’ Just 10 Miles From Niagara Falls 2017576.5kmsite_ao
Plum and Pilot Islands: From the Boat en 2016617.1kmsite_izi
Plum Island Hiking Tour – Development version en 2016613.9kmsite_izi
McMaster Campus Sculpture Tour en 543.6kmsite_izi
Yorkin’ Around en 488.6kmsite_izi
Y.O.R.K.: Your Orientation Round Keele Campus en 488.5kmsite_izi
The University City en 488.5kmsite_izi
Regent Park: Heritage en 501.9kmsite_izi
HIST 4530: Stories of the Development of Toronto en 499.8kmsite_izi
Portuguese Toronto: Early Decades en 502.5kmsite_izi
M-119 The Tunnel of Trees – A Michigan Scenic Heritage Route (Petoskey – Cross Village) en 485.3kmsite_izi
Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia 2020650.8kmsite_ao
Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park 2020342.1kmsite_ao
Nathaniel Dett Memorial Chapel 2020567.8kmsite_ao
Site of the Angola Horror 2020617.5kmsite_ao
Canada Malting Silos 2020573.7kmsite_ao
Vieux Saint-Jean – 1,8km en fr 605.7kmsite_izi
Little Italy en 568.1kmsite_izi
Vieux Saint-Jean – 3km en fr 605.7kmsite_izi
Chinatown Montreal en 573.3kmsite_izi
Mile End en 569.6kmsite_izi
Old Port of Montreal en 574.3kmsite_izi
Osler Library of the History of Medicine 2020572kmsite_ao
Charlevoix Stained Glass Windows 2020574.4kmsite_ao
René Lévesque Park 2020570.2kmsite_ao
Bay Mills Old Indian Burial Ground 2020392.9kmsite_ao
West Montrose Covered Bridge 2020508.8kmsite_ao
History of Stickers Museum 2020503.2kmsite_ao
Cadillac’s KISS Monument 2020599.5kmsite_ao
Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal 2020654.2kmsite_ao
Fletchers Espace Culinaire 2020571.4kmsite_ao
Vietnamese Commemorative Monument 2020448.4kmsite_ao
Charity Island Lighthouse 2020527.4kmsite_ao
David Henderson Memorial 2020646.1kmsite_ao
Creemore Jail 2020425.4kmsite_ao
Split Rock Quarry 2020641.5kmsite_ao
American Museum of Cutlery 2020653.6kmsite_ao
Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate 2019512.7kmsite_ao
‘Woodpecker Column’ 2019503.9kmsite_ao
The Moose at the Toronto Police Museum 2019501.8kmsite_ao
Our Lady of La Difesa 2019568.2kmsite_ao
Graycliff House 2019610.6kmsite_ao
Guelph Covered Bridge 2019513kmsite_ao
The ‘Birthplace of Insulin’ 2019581.4kmsite_ao
The Petrie Building 2019512.4kmsite_ao
Rock of the Matterhorn 2019503.8kmsite_ao
John Brown’s Farm 2019636.6kmsite_ao
‘Trois Disques’ (‘Three Disks’) 2019574.5kmsite_ao
Mouvement Essarts 2019602kmsite_ao
Canadian Centre for Architecture Sculpture Garden 2019573.1kmsite_ao
‘Di-Octo II’ 2019572.6kmsite_ao
Wooden Squirrel Carvings 2019571.6kmsite_ao
Pierce-Arrow Museum 2019593.2kmsite_ao
The Anatomy of Death Museum 2019656.5kmsite_ao
Musée de Lachine (LeBer-LeMoyne House) 2019571.1kmsite_ao
J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital 2019639.1kmsite_ao
Agawa Rock 2019359.6kmsite_ao
Cathedral Barn at Historic Barns Park 2019572.7kmsite_ao
The Playhouse Swillburger 2019588.2kmsite_ao
Durand Union Station 2019658.8kmsite_ao
Botanical Garden Visitor’s Center Gift Shop Tunnel 2019572.6kmsite_ao
Montcalm Park 2019588.2kmsite_ao
Fort Hill Cemetery 2019640.4kmsite_ao
Ruth Ann Miller Shrine 2019638kmsite_ao
Perry Hannah Statue 2019570.2kmsite_ao
Toronto Music Garden 2019504.4kmsite_ao
You Can Spend the Night in This Historic Ferry 2019648.4kmsite_ao
The Raven Cafe 2019604.9kmsite_ao
St. Patrick’s Basilica 2019573.1kmsite_ao
Old Mission General Store 2019547.9kmsite_ao
Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park Fairy Trail 2019572.6kmsite_ao
Halton County Radial Railway 2019508.4kmsite_ao
Greatbatch Barn 2019585.7kmsite_ao
The Big Apple 2019487.5kmsite_ao
Spud Chuckin’ 2019648.9kmsite_ao
Marmaduke Statue 2019642.6kmsite_ao
Redpath Sugar Refinery Museum 2019503.9kmsite_ao
Frankfort Marine Gateway 2019614.2kmsite_ao
The World’s Oldest Baseball Field 2019582.5kmsite_ao
Mike Weaver Drain Tile Museum 2019636.4kmsite_ao
Hartwick Pines Logging Museum 2019518.3kmsite_ao
Weathervane Restaurant Boulder Fireplace 2019507.5kmsite_ao
Camp Grayling Military Cemetery 2019531.7kmsite_ao
Manning Memorial Lighthouse 2019592.2kmsite_ao
Lake Michigan Crucifix 2019485.8kmsite_ao
Rimwood Chapel 2019636.1kmsite_ao
The Darwin D. Martin House 2019587.1kmsite_ao
Mohawk Chapel 2019559.1kmsite_ao
Brockville Tunnel 2019517.2kmsite_ao
Niagara Falls Floral Clock 2019561.4kmsite_ao
Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site 2019590.7kmsite_ao
Colored Musicians Club 2019592.4kmsite_ao
Silo City 2019595.1kmsite_ao
Living Water Wayside Chapel 2019552.7kmsite_ao
Leland Champion Cottonwood Tree 2019558.8kmsite_ao
Leelanau Preservers Tile Wall 2019558.6kmsite_ao
Casey’s Cottage 2019591.5kmsite_ao
Deadman’s Hill 2019509.3kmsite_ao
Edward M. Cotter 2019593.9kmsite_ao
Leland’s Historic Fishtown 2019558.8kmsite_ao
Sharon Temple 2019452.6kmsite_ao
Old Benzie County Courthouse 2019607.7kmsite_ao
The Stone Arch Dam 2019495.1kmsite_ao
World’s Largest Brown Trout Sculpture 2019652kmsite_ao
Kalkaska Shoe Tree 2019542.5kmsite_ao
Martimas’s Grave 2019540.7kmsite_ao
Mission Creek Cemetery 2019624.2kmsite_ao
Two-Story Outhouse 2019652kmsite_ao
Cherry Growers Weigh Station 2019554.3kmsite_ao
The Archduke of Austria’s Michigan Grave 2019551.6kmsite_ao
Coast Guard City Monument 2019569.3kmsite_ao
Blue Ghost Tunnel 2019561.9kmsite_ao
Nelsen’s Hall & Bitters Club 2019609.2kmsite_ao
Michigan Transportation Employees Memorial 2019602.2kmsite_ao
Chapel Rock 2019505.4kmsite_ao
Native American Museum of Art 2019563.4kmsite_ao
Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial School 2019624kmsite_ao
Protected Indian Trail Marker Tree 2019568.3kmsite_ao
Talula the Elk Rapids Swan 2019547.7kmsite_ao
Doug Murdick’s Rooftop Box of Fudge 2019567.2kmsite_ao
This Whimsical Fountain Pays Tribute to Dogs 2019503.3kmsite_ao
Wreck of the Francisco Morazan 2019583.7kmsite_ao
The Grave of Traverse Colantha Walker, a World Champion Cow 2019572.5kmsite_ao
National Trout Memorial 2019547.5kmsite_ao
Old Indian Trail 2019601.3kmsite_ao
The River Guardian 2019569.8kmsite_ao
Tunnels of Traverse City State Hospital 2019571.7kmsite_ao
Woolsey Memorial Airport 2018537.7kmsite_ao
Koilos Sculpture 2018350kmsite_ao
Idlewild 2018648.7kmsite_ao
The Murals on Saint Laurent Boulevard 2018571.1kmsite_ao
Bonnechere Caves 2018373.5kmsite_ao
Roycroft Campus 2018608.6kmsite_ao
The Rising Sun Shipwreck 2018572.6kmsite_ao
Former World’s Largest Cherry Pie Pan 2017510.1kmsite_ao
Book Corner 2018566.2kmsite_ao
Musée Eudore Dubeau 2018569.7kmsite_ao
Oneida Community Mansion House 2018662.4kmsite_ao
Blocher Memorial 2018588.4kmsite_ao
A Museum of Antique Snowmobiles 2018469.2kmsite_ao
SkullStore Oddity Shop 2017498kmsite_ao
Toronto’s Victorian-Era Tropical Garden Conservatory 2017501.7kmsite_ao
The World’s Only Bushplane Museum 2018371.5kmsite_ao
Golden Jubilee Graffito 2018497.8kmsite_ao
Château Laurier 2018448.2kmsite_ao
Boyne City’s Ever-Changing Ice Sculpture 2018500.9kmsite_ao
BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Toronto 2018491.6kmsite_ao
The Hippie Tree 2017572.4kmsite_ao
The Birthplace of Professional Hockey 2017649.1kmsite_ao
Burwash Abandoned Prison 2018224.6kmsite_ao
Sugar Loaf Ski Lodge 2018570.2kmsite_ao
Rochester’s Signature Dish is the ‘Garbage Plate’ 2017586.3kmsite_ao
The Toronto Library’s Hidden Sherlock Holmes Room 2018500.6kmsite_ao
Fairy Houses of Mendon Ponds Park 2018602.2kmsite_ao
Buffalo’s Shark Girl 2017593.1kmsite_ao
Simcoe Park ‘Worker’s Monument’ 2018503.6kmsite_ao
The World’s Oldest Pool of Water 2016115.6kmsite_ao
A Forest of Rainbow Birdhouses 2018646.9kmsite_ao
Ark Two Shelter 2017444.7kmsite_ao
The ‘Cure Cottages’ of Saranac Lake 2018621.9kmsite_ao
This Small Vermont Town Has a Gorgeous Collection of Mini Castles 2018646.4kmsite_ao
A Giant Steel Sculpture With Animals In Its Shadows 2017583.2kmsite_ao
A Suicide Attempt on This New York Bridge Helped Inspire ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ 2017634.8kmsite_ao
Ruins of the Michigan Lighthouse Where the Navy Tested Drones in WWII 2017465.1kmsite_ao
Liberator III Crash Site 2018482kmsite_ao
Keweenaw Rocket Range 2018579.2kmsite_ao
Secret Room at the Rochester Central Library 2017586.6kmsite_ao
ARTISANworks 2018588.5kmsite_ao
Boatnerd Vantage Point on the Great Lakes 2017605kmsite_ao
Toronto’s Rainbow Tunnel 2017494.3kmsite_ao
Ireland Park 2016504.6kmsite_ao
Thomas Foster Memorial 2018449.3kmsite_ao
A Historic House With Ties to Abolition and Suffrage 2017633.3kmsite_ao
The Maple Syrup Museum of Ontario 2018514.2kmsite_ao
Canada’s Oldest Maple Tree 2017568.7kmsite_ao
Naked Fountain Family 2017512.3kmsite_ao
Erie Canal Village 2017650.7kmsite_ao
Visit the ‘Home of the Carousel’ Just 10 Miles From Niagara Falls 2017576.5kmsite_ao
Guaranty Building 2018592.7kmsite_ao
Destroyer Park Golf 2018579.5kmsite_ao
A Strip of Highway Where They Test Road Paint 2018458.6kmsite_ao
Hutchison Hall Specimen Collection 2018589.1kmsite_ao
Mer Bleue Bog 2018460.9kmsite_ao
Abandoned London Psychiatric Hospital 2017579.5kmsite_ao
The Press That First Printed the Book of Mormon 2017606.1kmsite_ao
Moonbeam UFO Monument 2016204.3kmsite_ao
Cary Graphic Arts Collection 2018592.4kmsite_ao
Farine Five Roses Sign 2016574.7kmsite_ao
Santa’s Workshop 2017632kmsite_ao
Leslieville’s Crazy Doll House 2016501.9kmsite_ao
The Dr. Seussophone 2017587kmsite_ao
The Only Mausoleum Designed By Frank Lloyd Wright 2017588.4kmsite_ao
The Largest Guitar Store in the World 2017580.9kmsite_ao
The Site Where Susan B. Anthony Voted Illegally 2017586.4kmsite_ao
The General Motors of Pianos 2017593.6kmsite_ao
Winter Garden Theatre 2018502.7kmsite_ao
Les Chutes du $5 2017596.9kmsite_ao
Oswald’s Bear Ranch 2017460.7kmsite_ao
Rochester Lilac Festival 2017589.3kmsite_ao
Abandoned Wonder Bread Factory 2018590.5kmsite_ao
The Tree That Grows 40 Different Kinds of Fruit 2017644.2kmsite_ao
The Detroit Lions Former Home Is Now a Ghostly Abandoned Ruin 2017661.6kmsite_ao
Curwood Castle 2017657.1kmsite_ao
Dorea Institute 2018582.5kmsite_ao
Hamilton Central Library 544.1kmsite_brutalism
Place du Portage I, II, III, and IV 1979447.1kmsite_brutalism
Life Sciences Building, McMaster University 543.8kmsite_brutalism
School of Architecture (today: Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism), Carleton University 451.2kmsite_brutalism
Health Sciences Centre, McMaster University 544kmsite_brutalism
Earl W. Brydges Public Library 1969566.5kmsite_brutalism
Sir John Carling Building 449.7kmsite_brutalism
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (Noor Cultural Centre) 495kmsite_brutalism
Temple Beth Zion 590.2kmsite_brutalism
Ottawa Public Library 1969448.5kmsite_brutalism
Elicott Complex, University of Buffalo 580kmsite_brutalism
Dana Porter Arts Library, University of Waterloo 1963522kmsite_brutalism
Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute 488.7kmsite_brutalism
Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto 501.7kmsite_brutalism
Ryerson University Library 502.1kmsite_brutalism
Robarts Research Library 1968501.3kmsite_brutalism
Arthur Schmon Tower, Brock University 562.8kmsite_brutalism
City Hall and Magistrate Court 1964557.3kmsite_brutalism
National Arts Centre 448.4kmsite_brutalism
Government Center 569.9kmsite_brutalism
Place Bonaventure 1963573.4kmsite_brutalism
First Unitarian Church 1959589.3kmsite_brutalism
South Residence, University of Guelph 514kmsite_brutalism
Corson Auditorium / Grand Traverse Performing Arts Center 588.4kmsite_brutalism
E. S. Bird Library, Syracuse University 1969644.1kmsite_brutalism
Princess Towers 513.7kmsite_brutalism
Trent University Campus 1964442.4kmsite_brutalism
Buffalo City Court Building 592.3kmsite_brutalism
Scott Library, York University 488.6kmsite_brutalism
Mathematics and Computer Building, University of Waterloo 521.8kmsite_brutalism
Montreal Metro 1971572.8kmsite_brutalism
Buffalo News Building 593.2kmsite_brutalism
Everson Museum of Art 1965643.1kmsite_brutalism
Weldon Library, University of Western Ontario 580kmsite_brutalism
R.L. Smith Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics Building, Michigan Technological University 1969648kmsite_brutalism
Habitat 67 574.8kmsite_brutalism
Andrews Building, Scarborough College (today University of Toronto) 1963490kmsite_brutalism
Rideau Canal 2007479kmsite_whs
Shakespeare Ghost Town in Lordsburg, New Mexico 2019535.4kmpost
Optochromie: Vivid Digital Mural on a New York Concert Hall by Felipe Pantone 2019592.2kmpost

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