Place Kenema

Kenema is the third largest city in Sierra Leone , and the largest city in the country’s Eastern Province. It is the capital of Kenema District and a major economic center of the Eastern Province. At the 2015 national census, Kenema had a population of 200,354. Kenema is located approximately 200 miles from Freetown, and 60 kilometres south of Bo.
Kenema is one of Sierra Leone’s most ethnically diverse cities. Like most parts of Sierra Leone, the Krio language of the Sierra Leone Creole people is by far the most widely spoken language in Kenema.Kenema is governed by a directly elected city council, headed by a mayor in whom executive authority is vested, and who is responsible for the city’s general management. The mayor and council members are elected every four years. Kenema’s current mayor is Thomas Karimu Baio of the Sierra Leone People’s Party[2]. Karimu Baio was elected mayor with 79.4% of the vote in the 2018 Kenema Mayoral election [3]. Kenema is an overwhelming political stronghold of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, the current national ruling party in Sierra Leone.

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