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Gelibolu, also known as Gallipoli (from Greek: Καλλίπολις, Kallipolis, "Beautiful City"), is the name of a town and a district in Çanakkale Province of the Marmara Region, located in Eastern Thrace in the European part of Turkey on the southern shore of the peninsula named after it on the Dardanelles strait, two miles away from Lapseki on the other shore.


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World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
The Painted Village of Pyrgi 2020250kmsite_ao
Retro Museum 2020327.9kmsite_ao
Rock Monastery of Shashkunite 2020315.7kmsite_ao
Rumeli Hisari 2020214.4kmsite_ao
ENG – Disappear – Izmir en 225.3kmsite_izi
Stara Zagora – TOWN WITH A HISTORY OF 8000 YEARS en 240kmsite_izi
Nesebar. Old City bg de en ru 264.8kmsite_izi
From Galata Tower to Istanbul Modern en 205.7kmsite_izi
SALT Galata to SALT Beyoğlu / Route B en 205.6kmsite_izi
“Forgotten” Gems of Istanbul en 203.8kmsite_izi
Jewish Heritage of Galata en 205.7kmsite_izi
SALT Galata to SALT Beyoğlu – Route A en 205.6kmsite_izi
Historic Centre of Istanbul en 205.2kmsite_izi
Istanbul en it 206kmsite_izi
Tour through Istanbul de en es fr it 209.8kmsite_izi
Perla 2 2020227kmsite_ao
Camondo Stairs 2020205.7kmsite_ao
Galata House Restaurant 2020205.7kmsite_ao
Chudnite Skali (Wonderful Rocks) 2020288.6kmsite_ao
Istanbul 2461 2020205.7kmsite_ao
Pudding Shop (Lale Restaurant) 2020205.4kmsite_ao
The Aqueduct of Kavala 2020198.8kmsite_ao
Column of the Goths 2020206.3kmsite_ao
Old Enio Bonchev Distillery & Family Museum 2020276.7kmsite_ao
Abandoned Textile Factory 2020308.6kmsite_ao
Transfiguration Monastery Tunnel 2019313kmsite_ao
Tünel 2019205.6kmsite_ao
Cave of Zeus 2019304.2kmsite_ao
This Abandoned Orphanage Is One of Europe’s Largest Wooden Buildings 2019212.9kmsite_ao
Isa Yusuf Alptekin Park 2019205.1kmsite_ao
This Istanbul Restaurant Re-Creates Dishes From the Ottoman Empire 2019203.1kmsite_ao
Kuşadası 2019288.8kmsite_ao
Pera Palace Hotel 2019205.9kmsite_ao
Theodosian Wall Stone Ladder 2019202.8kmsite_ao
Transfiguration Monastery 2019313.2kmsite_ao
Basilica of St. John 2018280.3kmsite_ao
A 6th-Century Cistern Hidden Below a Carpet Store 2018205.1kmsite_ao
Aliki Ancient Marble Quarry 2018164.7kmsite_ao
Golden Horn Chain 2018205.8kmsite_ao
Pasha Gardens 2018314.7kmsite_ao
Çamlik Railway Museum 2018287.8kmsite_ao
Abandoned School for Gifted Children 2017231.3kmsite_ao
Sand Dunes on the Greek Isle of Lemnos 2017138.9kmsite_ao
The Underground Mosque 2018205.8kmsite_ao
Hagia Sophia Wishing Column 2018205.6kmsite_ao
Viking Runes at Hagia Sophia 2018205.6kmsite_ao
Museum of Energy 2018205.1kmsite_ao
The Tomb of Seuthes III 2017277.4kmsite_ao
Heptapyrgion Fortress 2018314.4kmsite_ao
Vedat Tek House 2018207.8kmsite_ao
The Mysterious Manisa Relief 2018214.1kmsite_ao
A Huge Russian Soldier Statue Towers Over This Ancient Bulgarian City 2017251.1kmsite_ao
Ottoman Bird Palaces 2018209kmsite_ao
In Memory of Tombili, The Real-Life ‘Chill Cat’ 2017209.9kmsite_ao
City Center 318.4kmsite_brutalism
Atatürk Library 1973207.4kmsite_brutalism
Restaurant Magura, Bar Orient, Hotel Kontinental 1965266.5kmsite_brutalism
House of Science and Technology 2016250.6kmsite_brutalism
Museum of Byzantine Culture 1979314.9kmsite_brutalism
Istanbul Textile Traders Market ?MÇ 204.5kmsite_brutalism
Buzludzha Memorial (House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party) 279.2kmsite_brutalism
Tercüman Office Building (today: Toya Plaza) 200.2kmsite_brutalism
Interhotel 308.8kmsite_brutalism
Archaeological Site of Philippi 2016211.8kmsite_whs
Ephesus 2015282.6kmsite_whs
Bursa and Cumalıkızık: the Birth of the Ottoman Empire 2014204.5kmsite_whs
Pergamon and its Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape 2014149.7kmsite_whs
Archaeological Site of Troy 199862.7kmsite_whs
Selimiye Mosque and its Social Complex 2011140.8kmsite_whs
Historic Areas of Istanbul 1985205.6kmsite_whs
Pythagoreion and Heraion of Samos 1992303.7kmsite_whs
Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessalonika 1988314.1kmsite_whs
Mount Athos 1988208.6kmsite_whs
Pirin National Park 1983309.1kmsite_whs
Ancient City of Nessebar 1983264.5kmsite_whs
Madara Rider 1979323.4kmsite_whs
Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak 1979266.8kmsite_whs
Archaeologists May Have Found the Place Where Roman Emperors Were Baptized 2019205.6kmpost

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