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Freiburg (in High German, officially Freiburg an der Elbe; short: Freiburg/Elbe, Freiborg/Elv (in Low German), or Freiborg (in Low Saxon) is a municipality in the district of Stade, Lower Saxony, Germany.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Urbirun Hamburg – Highlights en fr 55.5kmsite_izi
Hamburg HafenCity de en 56.5kmsite_izi
Rendsburg High Bridge 201958.2kmsite_ao
Hall of Fame Heimfeld 201959.8kmsite_ao
Site of operation Backfire 200941.1kmsite_ao
Wilhelm Bauer 201456.4kmsite_ao
Herbertstraße 201454kmsite_ao
Wälderhaus 201459.6kmsite_ao
Rote Flora 201453kmsite_ao
German Food Additives Museum 201657.6kmsite_ao
The Bog Bodies at the Schleswig-Holstein Landesmuseum 201379.9kmsite_ao
Impaled Skull of Klaus Stortebeker 201154.4kmsite_ao
Museum of Medical History Hamburg 201652.1kmsite_ao
Miniatur Wunderland 201255.6kmsite_ao
The Shipwreck Breakwater at Blankenese, Germany 201544.2kmsite_ao
The Bog Bodies at the Schleswig-Holstein Landesmuseum 201379.9kmsite_ao
St. Nicholas’ Church 201455.6kmsite_ao
Oberhafen-Kantine 201756.6kmsite_ao
Harry’s Harbor Bazaar 201655.7kmsite_ao
St. Pauli Elbtunnel 201754.3kmsite_ao
The World’s First and Only Three-Segment Bascule Bridge 201777.7kmsite_ao
Karstadt Department Store 197551.7kmsite_brutalism
Office Building “Affenfelsen” 55kmsite_brutalism
Sechseckbau (today: Student Center Schleswig-Holstein) 79kmsite_brutalism
St. Maximilian Kolbe 197260kmsite_brutalism
Central Post Administration Building Post-Pyramide 196953.8kmsite_brutalism
Archaeological Border complex of Hedeby and the Danevirke 201871.8kmsite_whs
Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District with Chilehaus 201556.1kmsite_whs
Wadden Sea 200958.3kmsite_whs
Grieving dog owner’s ‘message in a bottle’ found in Germany 202051.6kmpost

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