Place Dambulla

Dambulla is a town situated in the north of Matale District, Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is the second largest populated and urbanised centre after Matale in the Matale District. It is situated 148 km north-east of Colombo, 43 km north of Matale and 72 km north of Kandy. Due to its location at a major junction, it is the centre of major vegetable distribution in the country.
Major attractions of the area include the largest and best preserved cave temple complex of Sri Lanka, sigiriya rock fortress located in the division and the Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium, famous for being built in just 167 days. The area also boasts the largest rose quartz mountain range in South Asia, and the Iron wood forest, or Na Uyana Aranya.
Ibbankatuwa prehistoric burial site near Dambulla cave temple complexes is the latest archaeological site of significant historical importance found in Dambulla, which is located within 3 km of the cave temples providing evidence of the presence of indigenous civilisations long before the arrival of Indian influence on the Island nation.

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Atlas Obscura 2018
The Sacred Bodhi Tree

This ancient fig tree with a link to the Buddha is one of the oldest human-planted trees in the world.

Nuwara Eliya
Post 2019
The Lion Fortress Of Sri Lanka Was Swallowed By The Jungle
Atlas Obscura 2017
Red Mosque

Discover Jami Ul-Alfar Masjid (Red Mosque) in Colombo, Sri Lanka: This mesmerizing architectural wonder will take your breath away with its unusual color patterns.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Kayman’s Gate Bell Tower

Discover Kayman’s Gate Bell Tower in Colombo, Sri Lanka: A neglected bell tower in modern Colombo is a symbol of the city's colonial past.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Pettah Floating Market

Discover Pettah Floating Market in Colombo, Sri Lanka: Pettah's beautiful floating market was once a stinky canal in a sketchy industrial area.

Atlas Obscura 2016
Shark Point Reef

Discover Shark Point Reef in Sri Lanka: One of the few places where inexperienced snorkelers can spot a shark.

World Heritage Site 1982
Sacred City of Anuradhapura

This sacred city was established around a cutting from the ‘tree of enlightenment’, the Buddha’s fig tree, brought there in the 3rd century B.C. by Sanghamitta, the founder of an order of Buddhist nuns. Anuradhapura, a Ceylonese political and religious …

World Heritage Site 2010
Central Highlands of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s highlands are situated in the south-central part of the island. The property comprises the Peak Wilderness Protected Area, the Horton Plains National Park and the Knuckles Conservation Forest. These montane forests, where the land rises to 2…

Atlas Obscura 2020
Dambulla Royal Cave Temple

Discover Dambulla Royal Cave Temple in Dambulla, Sri Lanka: This ancient cave temple complex is the largest and best-preserved temple complex in Sri Lanka.

Atlas Obscura 2020
The Main Line

Discover The Main Line in Nanuoya, Sri Lanka: Known as the most scenic route in Sri Lanka, this train line is steeped in history and offers an unparalleled view of the country.

World Heritage Site 1982
Ancient City of Sigiriya

The ruins of the capital built by the parricidal King Kassapa I (477–95) lie on the steep slopes and at the summit of a granite peak standing some 180m high (the ‘Lion’s Rock’, which dominates the jungle from all sides). A series of galleries and …

Atlas Obscura 2019
Biso Pokuna

Discover Biso Pokuna in Moneragala, Sri Lanka: This enigmatic stone pool is all that remains of an ancient palace.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Isipathanaramaya Temple

Discover Isipathanaramaya Temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka: This peaceful sanctuary is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Colombo.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Sri Lanka Planetarium

Discover Sri Lanka Planetarium in Colombo, Sri Lanka: The first and only planetarium in Sri Lanka.

World Heritage Site 1988
Sacred City of Kandy

This sacred Buddhist site, popularly known as the city of Senkadagalapura, was the last capital of the Sinhala kings whose patronage enabled the Dinahala culture to flourish for more than 2,500 years until the occupation of Sri Lanka by the British in 1…

Atlas Obscura 2016
Koneswaram Temple

Discover Koneswaram Temple in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka: An ancient temple to the Hindu god Shiva surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Mackwoods Tea Plantation Sign

Discover Mackwoods Tea Plantation Sign in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka: A Sri Lankan tea factory's ironic take on the Los Angeles landmark.

World Heritage Site 1982
Ancient City of Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa was the second capital of Sri Lanka after the destruction of Anuradhapura in 993. It comprises, besides the Brahmanic monuments built by the Cholas, the monumental ruins of the fabulous garden-city created by Parakramabahu I in the 12th cent…

Atlas Obscura 2018
Sambodhi Chaithya

Discover Sambodhi Chaithya in Colombo, Sri Lanka: This space rocket-like Buddhist stupa sits atop two giant arches and can be seen from out at sea.

World Heritage Site 1991
Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temple

A sacred pilgrimage site for 22 centuries, this cave monastery, with its five sanctuaries, is the largest, best-preserved cave-temple complex in Sri Lanka. The Buddhist mural paintings (covering an area of 2,100 m2 ) are of particular importance, as are…