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Ballintoy (from Irish Baile an Tuaigh 'the northern townland') is a small village, townland (of 274 acres) and civil parish in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is alongside the B15 coast road, 28 km (17 mi) north-east of Coleraine, 8 km (5.0 mi) west of Ballycastle and between it and Bushmills. It is in the historic barony of Cary. The village lies about one kilometre from Ballintoy Harbour, a small fishing harbour at the end of a very small, narrow, steep road down Knocksaughey hill which passes by the entrance to Larrybane and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. The harbour is host to a dawn service on Easter Sunday each year.



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Clements Wood 202055.6kmsite_ao
The Gallery Whitehead 202067.8kmsite_ao
The Rocking Stone 202057kmsite_ao
Carnfunnock Ice House 202050.5kmsite_ao
Poppy Mural 202067.9kmsite_ao
Carnlough Harbor 202035.8kmsite_ao
Carrickfergus Witches’ Pillory 202067.8kmsite_ao
The Holestone 202057.2kmsite_ao
Castle Lug 202068.4kmsite_ao
Paddy the Pigeon Plaque 202035.8kmsite_ao
Carraig Fhada Lighthouse 202043.7kmsite_ao
Knockagh Monument 202065.4kmsite_ao
Castle Chichester Tower 202067.8kmsite_ao
Gideon Green Memorial Stone 202070.6kmsite_ao
Fisherman’s Quay 202067.9kmsite_ao
Buried in Belfast: Milltown Cemetery en 201976.6kmsite_izi
Buried in Belfast: City Cemetery en 201976.1kmsite_izi
EastSide Lives Heritage Trail – Ordinary People with Extraordinary Stories. en 76.3kmsite_izi
Whitehead Railway Museum en 67.5kmsite_izi
Whitehead Aerodrome 202066.9kmsite_ao
Carrickfergus Knights 202067.8kmsite_ao
Carrickfergus Rangers Stone 202067.4kmsite_ao
Carrickfergus Radar Tower 202068.3kmsite_ao
502nd (Ulster) Squadron Mural 202057.4kmsite_ao
Saint Patrick’s High Cross 202057.9kmsite_ao
‘The Lord’ 202067kmsite_ao
‘Alec the Goose’ 202076.5kmsite_ao
Larne Roundabout Jubilee Crown 201955.2kmsite_ao
Blackcave Tunnel and the Devil’s Churn 201952.7kmsite_ao
Valerie Hobson Mural 201954.9kmsite_ao
SS Clyde Valley Memorial 201955.8kmsite_ao
The Friends’ Goodwill Memorial 201955.5kmsite_ao
Daffodil Lane 201949.8kmsite_ao
Richard Hayward Mural 201954.9kmsite_ao
The Free Derry Corner Murals 201967kmsite_ao
Henry McNeil Mural 201955.1kmsite_ao
Twelve Apostles 201982.7kmsite_ao
Grave of Sting the Dog 201954.8kmsite_ao
Museum of Free Derry 201967kmsite_ao
Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills Railway 201910.1kmsite_ao
St. George’s Market 201976.5kmsite_ao
Belfast Botanic Gardens Palm House 201977.4kmsite_ao
Rathlin West Lighthouse 20198.7kmsite_ao
Little Free Library Carnfunnock Park 201954.7kmsite_ao
‘Journey of the Doors’ 20190.1kmsite_ao
Belfast Titanic Memorial Garden 201976.3kmsite_ao
Friar’s Bush Graveyard 201977.7kmsite_ao
Northern Ireland Police Museum 201978.9kmsite_ao
The Great Light 201975.2kmsite_ao
Albert Memorial Clock 201976kmsite_ao
‘Johann’ 201923.6kmsite_ao
Samson and Goliath 201975.6kmsite_ao
‘The Big Fish’ 201975.9kmsite_ao
The Fairy Well 201957.9kmsite_ao
‘Land’ 201862.9kmsite_ao
Belfast Peace Lines 201875.2kmsite_ao
Saddell Abbey Grave Slabs 201862.9kmsite_ao
A Hidden River Flows Beneath Belfast 201875.9kmsite_ao
Madman’s Window 201843.6kmsite_ao
Woolen Creatures Have Taken Over This Northern Ireland Park 201866.5kmsite_ao
Kildalton Cross 201853.6kmsite_ao
This May Be the Poshest Convenience Store in Belfast 201875.9kmsite_ao
Telegraph Building Belfast Blitz Scars 201875.5kmsite_ao
You Can See Three Irish Counties From This Ancient Ring Fort 201771.9kmsite_ao
Polar Bear of Ballygalley 201749.5kmsite_ao
Davaar Island Cave Painting 201855.4kmsite_ao
The Armada Tree 201848.9kmsite_ao
Slemish Mountain 201642.8kmsite_ao
Europa Hotel 201876.3kmsite_ao
Larne Standing Stone 201849.7kmsite_ao
Antrim Coast Road Memorial 201854.2kmsite_ao
St. John’s Church 201857.5kmsite_ao
Machrie Moor Standing Stones 201874kmsite_ao
Ballylumford Dolmen 201857.6kmsite_ao
Ireland’s World War II Neutrality Signs 201866.1kmsite_ao
Chaine Memorial Tower 201855.5kmsite_ao
Larne Museum and Arts Centre 201854.7kmsite_ao
Ulster Museum Extension 196277.6kmsite_brutalism
Giant’s Causeway and Causeway Coast 19868.1kmsite_whs

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