Country Australia

St Leonards Centre (today: Oxley Business Center)
Wangaratta Government Centre
World Heritage Site 2007
Sydney Opera House

Inaugurated in 1973, the Sydney Opera House is a great architectural work of the 20th century that brings together multiple strands of creativity and innovation in both architectural form and structural design. A great urban sculpture set in a remarkabl…

World Heritage Site 1988
Wet Tropics of Queensland

This area, which stretches along the north-east coast of Australia for some 450 km, is made up largely of tropical rainforests. This biotope offers a particularly extensive and varied array of plants, as well as marsupials and singing birds, along with …

World Heritage Site 1982
Lord Howe Island Group

A remarkable example of isolated oceanic islands, born of volcanic activity more than 2,000 m under the sea, these islands boast a spectacular topography and are home to numerous endemic species, especially birds.

Brutalism 1966
Seidler House
Plumbers and Gasfitters Union Building
World Heritage Site 2003
Purnululu National Park

The 239,723 ha Purnululu National Park is located in the State of Western Australia. It contains the deeply dissected Bungle Bungle Range composed of Devonian-age quartz sandstone eroded over a period of 20 million years into a series of beehive-shaped …

Brutalism 1978
Brutalism 1976
Queensland Performing Arts Complex (QPAC)
Government Offices (today: Cameron Offices)
Brutalism 1967
Federal Court of Australia
Warringah Civic Centre
World Heritage Site 1987
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

This park, formerly called Uluru (Ayers Rock – Mount Olga) National Park, features spectacular geological formations that dominate the vast red sandy plain of central Australia. Uluru, an immense monolith, and Kata Tjuta, the rock domes located west o…

Brutalism 1975
Surry Hills Police Center
World Heritage Site 1991
Shark Bay, Western Australia

At the most westerly point of the Australian continent, Shark Bay, with its islands and the land surrounding it, has three exceptional natural features: its vast sea-grass beds, which are the largest (4,800 km2) and richest in the world; its dugong (&ls…

Brutalism 1964
UTS Tower, University of Technology
School of Music, Australian National University
Dormitory / Dining Hall / Administration Block, St. Columba’s College (today Trinity College, University of Western Australia)
World Heritage Site 2004
Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

The Royal Exhibition Building and its surrounding Carlton Gardens were designed for the great international exhibitions of 1880 and 1888 in Melbourne. The building and grounds were designed by Joseph Reed. The building is constructed of brick and timber…

World Heritage Site 1981
Kakadu National Park

This unique archaeological and ethnological reserve, located in the Northern Territory, has been inhabited continuously for more than 40,000 years. The cave paintings, rock carvings and archaeological sites record the skills and way of life of the regio…

Hale School Memorial Hall
Brutalism 1972
Telstra Woolloongabba Exchange Building
First Church of Christ Scientist, Sunday School
Henty House
World Heritage Site 2011
Ningaloo Coast

The 604,500 hectare marine and terrestrial property of Ningaloo Coast, on the remote western coast of Australia, includes one of the longest near-shore reefs in the world. On land the site features an extensive karst system and network of underground ca…

World Heritage Site 1997
Heard and McDonald Islands

Heard Island and McDonald Islands are located in the Southern Ocean, approximately 1,700 km from the Antarctic continent and 4,100 km south-west of Perth. As the only volcanically active subantarctic islands they ‘open a window into the earth&rsqu…

Wentworth Building, University of Sydney
World Heritage Site 1997
Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island (34 km long x 5 km wide) is an oceanic island in the Southern Ocean, lying 1,500 km south-east of Tasmania and approximately halfway between Australia and the Antarctic continent. The island is the exposed crest of the undersea Macquari…

State Government Offices
World Heritage Site 1981
Willandra Lakes Region

The fossil remains of a series of lakes and sand formations that date from the Pleistocene can be found in this region, together with archaeological evidence of human occupation dating from 45–60,000 years ago. It is a unique landmark in the study of …

Brutalism 1970
School of Molecular Bioscience & Biochemistry, Sydney University
World Heritage Site 1982
Tasmanian Wilderness

In a region that has been subjected to severe glaciation, these parks and reserves, with their steep gorges, covering an area of over 1 million ha, constitute one of the last expanses of temperate rainforest in the world. Remains found in limestone cave…

World Heritage Site 1981
Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a site of remarkable variety and beauty on the north-east coast of Australia. It contains the world’s largest collection of coral reefs, with 400 types of coral, 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 types of mollusc. It also holds…

T.L. Robertson Library, Curtin University
Total House
Brutalism 1968
Townsville Campus Library (today: Eddie Koiki Mabo Library), James Cook University
University of Queensland Central Library
Brutalism 1968
William Balmain Teachers College (later: Ku-ring-gai Campus, University of Technology)
World Heritage Site 2000
Greater Blue Mountains Area

The Greater Blue Mountains Area consists of 1.03 million ha of sandstone plateaux, escarpments and gorges dominated by temperate eucalypt forest. The site, comprised of eight protected areas, is noted for its representation of the evolutionary adaptatio…

Brutalism 1969
Footscray Psychiatric Centre
Macquarie University Library (C7A)
Campbell Park
Nelson Brothers Funeral Parlor
Brutalism 1966
10 Murray Street
ANZ Bank Computer Centre
World Heritage Site 1986
Gondwana Rainforests of Australia

This site, comprising several protected areas, is situated predominantly along the Great Escarpment on Australia’s east coast. The outstanding geological features displayed around shield volcanic craters and the high number of rare and threatened …

Law School Building, St. James Campus, University of Sydney
World Heritage Site 2019
Budj Bim Cultural Landscape

Located within the Country of the Gunditjmara, an Aboriginal nation in the southwest of Australia, the property includes the Budj Bim Volcano and Tae Rak (Lake Condah), as well as the Kurtonitj component, characterized by wetland swamps, and Tyrendarra …

Brutalism 1977
Bidura Children’s Court (Metropolitan Remand Centre)
The Rye House
World Heritage Site 1994
Australian Fossil Mammal Sites (Riversleigh / Naracoorte)

Riversleigh and Naracoorte, situated in the north and south respectively of eastern Australia, are among the world’s 10 greatest fossil sites. They are a superb illustration of the key stages of evolution of Australia’s unique fauna.

Brutalism 1963
Reader’s Digest Building
Forensic Science Centre
World Heritage Site 2010
Australian Convict Sites

The property includes a selection of eleven penal sites, among the thousands established by the British Empire on Australian soil in the 18th and 19th centuries. The sites are spread across Australia, from Fremantle in Western Australia to Kingston and …

Westrail Centre (today: Public Transport Centre)
Brutalism 1968
Perth Concert Hall
World Heritage Site 1992
K’gari (Fraser Island)

Fraser Island lies just off the east coast of Australia. At 122 km long, it is the largest sand island in the world. Majestic remnants of tall rainforest growing on sand and half the world’s perched freshwater dune lakes are found inland from the beac…