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Welcome to Kisumu, and let us find a way to rise from this human tragedy

www.theeastafrican.co.ke • December 14, 2020


Holding the Kusi Ideas Festival, in collaboration with the Nation Media Group, is a great opportunity for our city and our county. To host guests from far and wide, actually and virtually, at a time when human interaction is severely limited by the necessity to keep safe from Covid-19 is a challenging responsibility. I welcome all our guests to this lakeside city, the gateway to the communities in East Africa whose lives are greatly influenced by our blue economy.

We shall take time to discuss and reflect on how we shall rise from the human tragedy that this pandemic has brought us, knowing that through the mutual social responsibility that has always been central to our communal lives, we can build an even more prosperous and resilient future in East Africa.

We, the nations around Lake Victoria, are all members of the East African Community. The community itself has had its fair share of problems in the past, even breaking up altogether in 1978. But like the proverbial owl of Minerva, the community shall rise again and fly high as a new African success story, saying goodbye to the dusk of our underdevelopment.

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