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When We Travel Again: 5 Things To Do In Malta

www.femina.in • May 26, 2020

This tiny island nation in the Mediterranean Sea has held strategic and historic importance across the ages. As a result, the country exhibits a rich blend of many cultural influences. From its sun-kissed shores, the deep blue Mediterranean Sea all around to its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there’s plenty to do in Malta. It has often been described as one big open-air museum, with traces of civilization going back over 7000 years. Check out this guide of the 5 places you must visit when it’s safe to travel to Malta again.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a megalithic temple complex dating back to around 3600BC. It stands on the southern edge of Malta, on a hilltop overlooking the island of Fifla. Much like Stonehenge, the summer solstice sunrise was important here, with a chamber inside highlighting the significance of the event. Just a little distance away is Mnajdra temples, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A prime example of Baroque architecture, this magnificent cathedral, located in the capital Valletta, was built between 1572 and 1577. There are several masterpieces from great artists across the ages inside, including the famous one depicting the beheading of St John the Baptist painted in 1608 by Caravaggio.

Malta at War Museum