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Love Le Corbusier? Now you can build like him—out of paper

www.fastcompany.com • January 9, 2020

Chandigarh, India, is a city known for its clean streets, green spaces, and numerous monuments. One sculpture, an 85-foot-tall symbol known as “Open Hand,” was designed by Swiss-French architect, designer, and urban planner Le Corbusier. The pioneer of Modernist architecture also imagined several of the city’s government buildings. The Chandigarh Capitol Complex, a compound made up of three buildings, three monuments (“Open Hand” included), and a lake, was officially declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016. Now, you can build your own personal “Punjab and Haryana High Court”—one of the structures in Le Corbusier’s Capitol Complex—out of paper with the new book Le Corbusier Paper Models: 10 Kirigami Buildings To Cut and Fold.

[Image: courtesy Laurence King]While Le Corbusier’s political views were polarizing and some of his designs were rumored to borrow elements of other architects’ designs without attribution, his contributions to the world of global architecture and city planning are vital. They are the inspiration for this new book out February 4 from London-based creative arts publishing house Laurence King.

The book, by Marc Hagan-Guirey, is a crafter’s paradise. It’s a step-by-step kirigami guide (which is a variation of origami that allows for the cutting of paper, rather than solely folding it) that teaches readers how to create paper buildings designed to mimic real places designed by the famed architect.

Perforated templates can be ripped from the book’s binding. That includes 10 of Le Corbusier’s most renowned works—from the functional, automobile-inspired Maison Citrohan house in Stuttgart, Germany, to the Unité d’habitation residential housing development in Marseille, France, and the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts on Harvard University’s campus, the only building designed by Le Corbusier in the United States.

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