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Budapest: Heaven in Hungary

thefrisky.com • May 23, 2019

The capital of Hungary, Budapest, is also the hub and center for transportation, culture, politics, industry, and commerce in the country. The city began as a Celtic settlement that grew to become one city with its own personality, own culture, and own history. It is a city of many different nicknames, including as the “Capital City of Festivals” because of the numerous festivals and celebrations it hosts annually. It is a charming city full of green parks and open spaces so that visitors and residents can breathe in fresh air amidst its urban charm.

Source: Erasmusu.com

• The city of Budapest is the capital of Hungary.
• It has several nicknames: Heart of Europe, Capital City of Festivals, Pearl of Danube, Capital City of Spas and Thermal Baths, Little Paris of Central Europe, Capital of the Amazon Painters, and Capital City of Freedom.
• The city has a total area of 525.16 km2 (202.8 sq mi) but the metro has 7,626 km2 (2,944.4 sq mi) and the urban area has 2,538 km2 (979.9 sq mi).
• Budapest is unique in that as a city, it is actually comprised of two distinct cities with their own unique cultures and distinctions: Buda and Pest.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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