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Malta, Valletta: A European Capital of Culture brand gives this Mediterranean city new energy

www.stuff.co.nz • April 22, 2019

Malta can feel like a nation designed for pub quiz questions. Which country was governed by knights for almost 300 years before being surrendered to Napoleon? What is the nearest Commonwealth nation to Britain? What is the smallest nation in the EU?

It's not just the smallest country in the EU – Malta is one of the very smallest anywhere in the world. Small enough that it would fit into New South Wales more than 2500 times. Its population, however, is roughly only 17 times smaller. Malta may not be huge but it's simultaneously one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Of all its pockets of humanity, nowhere is quite so full of life as the current capital, Valetta. As well as being Malta's seat of government, it was one of 2018's European Capitals of Culture although given its tiny size and limited accommodation, organisers  hoped the extra tourists  would take a look at the entire country through a cultural lens.


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